Dog Fight Stories

These are stories from different people of various dog bites that have been sent to me via email. Many of the injuries that occur can be prevented. You can read my article, How to Break Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt by Ed Frawley to prevent such injuries.


A few months ago I made the very stupid mistake of trying to separate my 1 1/2 year old male American Bulldog mix from my 4 month female Siberian Husky. Something triggered him to attack her that day and he had no plans on letting her go. I decided that I had to get involved and get him away from her so I made the mistake of prying his mouth open with my hands and getting my Huskie out of his mouth. Well when I did that he turned and grabbed my right forearm, bit down & started to shake me. I have to say that he had no plans on letting me go either. I was fortunate enough that my oldest female American Bulldog (his grandmother) came and attacked him and thats the only reason he let me go. They continued to fight for about 5 long minutes while I called a rescue. I had 7 very deep puncture wounds to my right forearm. I also had a piece of his toothes lodged in my bone. I had to undergo 2 different surgeries and I an now currently undergoing physical therapy because he tore tendons and damaged nerves. I realized after this incident that I have to change the way I do everything with my dogs and that they had never seen me as their pack leader. I gave my dog away to a trainer the very next day after the accident but I know now that this was not his fault, I failed him as an owner and regret making the decision to give him away. I felt that I had to at the moment because I have a 9 year old girl who I could not risk getting hurt by this dog. I have been reading all your articles and working all my dogs daily since my accident. My goal now is to make sure this never happens again and that all my Dogs respect me and see me as their Pack leader. Thank you for all of the information you provide on your site educating on how to properly train dogs, it has helped me a great deal with my dogs.


How are you doing Ed? Been awhile since I got up with you. I have some dumb pictures of me stopping 2 dogs fighting. Pit and Shepard pit mix both females.

Wish I would have read your stuff about the best way to break up a fight. But I reacted and did not think. Almost got killed. Left upper inner part of the arm was bit to the muscle any further it would have hit the artery. Took 12 stitches. Normally they would not have stitched them as you had said but the bites where deep and torn so they opted to loose stitch to allow for drainage.

Have to say special thanks to Womack Army Hospital. After I was used as a chew toy, I had to walk about 1/2 mile to the vehicle. By the way, these where not my dog or dogs. My grandchildren where a few feet away when this happened. My dog Scooter was retrieving at Mott lake Bragg. Long story.

If you want use these pictures to enforce Of Not What To Do! Do so. Might save some grief for another person. Guess I fell on my head to many times as an old paratrooper. Guess you know us Airborne troopers ain't wrapped to tight!

Just kidding. Give my best to Jeff I hear he is still a paratrooper at at Ft Bragg. Just met a few troopers from his old unit.

Pit Bull Kills Our 10-Month-Old German Shepherd

Although this happened a few weeks ago, I have only now been able to post this.

My 10-month-old GSD Chopper was brutally killed by a trained fighting pit bull around 7:30pm on March 20, 2006.

We were out for our usual nightly stroll. Chopper was walking calmly beside my 8-month-old son's stroller as trained to do so. My son, Shane, and Chopper were the typical dynamic duo. Shane crawled everywhere Chopper went and they would even crash together on the floor mid-day. As we were walking past some hedges of a neighbor's home about 1/4 of a mile from my house, I heard the low rumble of a dog's growl. Instantly, Chopper was on the alert. Hackles and tail up, a large pit bull charged out of the bushes, headed straight for the stroller. Chopper instantly placed himself between the pit and my son's stroller, and met the pit jaw-to-jaw. Chopper, being only 70 pounds, was pushed down by the 90+ pound pit. I instantly knew I would have to act fast to save Chopper. I called my fiance then 911 about the fight that was now raging. I moved my son's stroller out of the way, then unwisely, began kicking and hitting the pit to knock him off of my dog. My fiance got there within a minute of my call and he instantly jumped into the fight. The pit turned his attention from Chopper long enough to grab my fiance's hand and crush 4 bones.

In that second, I started thinking clearly. I knew in my car that I had a gun. I raced to the car, grabbed it, and pulled 2 rounds into the pit's skull.

I am a dog lover and felt horrible, but my first thought was safety to my family. I picked up Chopper's bleeding body, put him into my car and raced him to the nearest emergency vet. My fiance stayed with my son and the body of the pit until the police and fire rescue came moments later.

By the time I got Chopper to the vet, my back seat was soaked with his blood, his eyes were glazed and his coloring was pale. He sustained numerous bite wounds to the front legs (one was actually broken) but the worst was his neck. It was just literally ripped wide open. I knew he had no chance, so they put him to sleep in the back of my car, head on my lap, where he was most happy.

After arranging the cremation of his body, I returned home. The pit's body had been picked up by Animal Control, and they had located the owner through a microchip. The pit not only had the many wounds and signs of dog fighting, his bite record showed his aggression. He had seriously wounded a small baby just a few days earlier, AND the owner had just gotten out of jail for manslaughter.

Currently, I am filing every charge on the owner that I can. With a great lawyer, and a great relationship with the local PD, I hope to put the owner where he needs to STAY. I have a new puppy (whom I had already purchased before this attack) named Carbon Copy v. Borus, and my son has taken to him as he did to Chopper. All I have are my pictures and memories of Chopper. My son will only grow up hearing the story, never actually remembering the dog that may have saved his life.


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